7 Common Problems importer and exporters face due to Raw Data and how you can avoid them.

“Data driven decisions are the game changing opportunity to transform export import profits.”
Raakesh Saraff

But 95% of importer and exporters fail to take data driven decisions due to raw data.

Everybody is scared of too much of information. Working with Bulk Raw data can end up without leading to any conclusions even after a lot of efforts and time.

Raw data hence is the biggest block in creating a culture of data driven decision making. Information should consume less time to understand, should be precise and actionable.

Import Export
Problem # 1:

95% importers and exporters, succeed to do only ad hoc analysis from bulk raw data and end up without any fruitful results.

Voleba reports and Dashboards provide precise actionable direction and are easy to understand.

Data Driven
Problem # 2:

91% of Business owners find it difficult to align key stake holders towards data driven decision-making, due to huge amount of time and effort required to work with raw data..

Voleba reports and Dashboard are ready to use, enabling instant action.

Problem # 3:

91% of the Business owners unable to find the Ideal Product, Buyer, supplier and Market using bulk raw data.

Voleba reports and Dashboard helps to identify and choose the best ones who offer high profit margins and growth.

Problem # 4:

53% of Businesses fail to set the right pricing working with ad hoc analysis from bulk raw data.

Voleba reports and Dashboard helps to discover the right pricing and product quality exactly where the market wants!

Problem # 5:

31% fail to optimize Import Duties and export benefits! Duty.

Voleba reports and Dashboard can get higher export benefits and save on duty.

Problem # 6:

39% find it difficult to Judge the Demand due to ad hoc analysis from bulk raw data.

Voleba reports and Dashboard helps to discover precise demand trends that will create a faster moving inventory.

Problem # 7:

69% unable to diversify into new products and are stuck with low margin product.

Voleba reports and Dashboard helps to explore new products with better margins and growth!

Bonus Strategy:

95% fail to learn from successful exporters, though there is a huge wealth of time tested and proven strategies available for cherry picking.


The key to success is transition from Raw Bulky Data to Dashboard Reports which transform Raw Data into actionable insight to make data driven decisions.

Visual reports and dashboards help you to understand and take action, while working with Bulky Raw data can suck up days of time without leading to any conclusions.

Voleba reports and Dashboard revolutionizes the way you look at information.