3 Things you must do to align your team towards data driven decision-making

Follow these three steps, to align your team to focus on higher margins and high profit.

Provide Ready to use Dashboard with actionable Direction

Everybody is scared of too much of information. This is the biggest block in creating a culture of data driven decision making.

Information should consume less time to understand, should be precise and actionable.

Data driven
Culture of Data driven decision making

Start asking numbers. This shifts focus of entire team towards numbers instead guess works. This makes the stake holders to focus clearly on the goals and cut the unnecessary noise. You should also do an Alignment & Training Workshop with entire team.

“Data Driven Decisions”
“Double your Profits”
Monthly Review
Fixed Monthly Review

Having a fixed day of review meeting every month, helps people align as they know that numbers will be discussed and will come prepared.

  • TickDeclare a Fixed day of the month for Monthly review meeting.
  • TickInvite only key stake holders for review.
  • TickReview the action taken on last month points by stake holders.
  • TickConvert minutes into action points with responsibility.