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Tubing Export Import Market Research reports are created from export import shipments of Tubing filed at Customs, most often they contain prices, volumes, names of exporters and importers. This reports help you find profitable Tubing markets, Tubing buyers and Tubing suppliers.

Tubing Major Export and Import Statistics

In Dec 2017, the total value of exports and imports of goods was US $ 1.2 Million an increase of 111.135 percent from Dec 2016. Exports were valued at US $ 40.2 Thousand , an increase of 8,084.318 percent from the previous year, and imports were worth US $ 1.2 Million, an increase of 104.509 percent from 2016.
The Japan exported US $ 185.2 Thousand and imported US $ 0.0 in the months of Oct - Dec 2017 combined ,Singapore’s exports reached  US $ 388.0 and imports US $ 0.0, .

More useful and detailed information is available from drill down interactive charts below.


Tubing Import Data Philippines Tubing Export Data Philippines Tubing Importers Data Philippines Tubing Exporters Data Philippines
Dec 2017 = 38 Shipments Dec 2017 = 2 Shipments Total importers = 194 Total exporters = 8
Jan to Dec 2017 = 430 Shipments Jan to Dec 2017 = 22 Shipments
Jan to Dec 2016 = 244 Shipments Jan to Dec 2016 = 4 Shipments
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