Major Export Products from PHILIPPINES to Chile

PHILIPPINES Exports to Chile – Major Export products

During Jan-Dec 2017, PHILIPPINES has a total export of US $ 144.3 Million from Chile.The top products exported from Chile are COPPER ORES AND CONCENTRATES PAPER AND PAPERBOARD, COATED WITH KAOLIN (CHINA CLAY), ETC, IN ROLLS OR SHEETS WINE OF FRESH GRAPES, (INCL. FORTIFIED WINES)/ OTHER GRAPE MUST CHEMICAL WOOD PULP, SODA OR SULPHATE, OTHER THAN DISSOLVING GRADES which is 74.01% . 4.96% . 4.72% . 2.22% . 1.58% . of the total exports of these products to PHILIPPINES respectively.

The major export trading port PHILIPPINES’s export trade from Chile are Null contributing about 100 % of the total exports from Chile.

In the year 2017, the export value of COPPER ORES AND CONCENTRATES was US$ 106.8 Million as compare to 2016 which was US$ 25.7 Million, which is a increase of 80.608% and was of US$ 11.2 Million as compared to US$ 7.6 Million in 2016, which is a increase of 59.636% .

Top Products Exported from Philippines to Chile
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2016-2017 Comparison
Jan-Dec 2016 US$ M % Jan-Dec 2017 US$ M % YOY Growth %
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