Brunei Darussalam importer's import shipment from Philippines with product and prices

How many exporters are available in product category?

Importers in Brunei Darussalam’s Import Market have been playing a key role in the Brunei Darussalam’s import business from Philippines.
In Dec, the total number of importers in Brunei Darussalam from Philippines were 10 decrease of 0 percent from Jan when they were about 10 in number. Total Imports to Brunei Darussalam from Philippines were valued at $ 6.9 Million combined,decrease of -16.368 percent from the previous year.
The maximum number of importers of Brunei Darussalam preferred to import goods that lied in the value band $ Below 1 Million, there were around 18% importers of Brunei Darussalam that controlled the import market from Philippines in this price band.
Whereas, another 100% importers of Brunei Darussalam preferred to import goods amounting to values that lied in the value band $ 1-5 Million

Brunei Darussalam importers importing from Philippines by products-Jan-Dec2017

How many exporters and importers in Brunei Darussalam work with Philippines?

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Importers (83)

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Brunei Darussalam exporters importers trade with Philippines value bands (%)


Brunei Darussalam importer's imports with Philippines - data sample

< < < < <
Date HS Code Product Description Country of Destination Quantity Unit
01-12-20176105100001 Of cotton | Shirts (camisadentro) PHILIPPINES 9 No
01-12-20172008200000 Pineapples PHILIPPINES 16884.13 Net kg
01-12-20176405900009 Other | Other PHILIPPINES 8 Pair
01-12-20170804300001 Pineapples | Fresh PHILIPPINES 8000 Gross kg
01-12-20178507109101 Having a voltage of 6 or 12 V and a discharge capacity not exceeding 200 AH | For automobiles and trucks PHILIPPINES 1204 No
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