Other importers and buyers in Brazil importing from Philippines

How many exporters are available in product category?

Importers in Brazil Import Market have been playing a key role in the Brazil’s import business from India.

In Dec 2017, the total number of importers Brazil were 119 decrease of 0 percent from Dec 2016 when they were about 119 in number. Total Imports to Brazil from India were valued at US$ 9.6 Million combined, decrease of -29.22 percent from the previous year.The maximum number of importers of Brazil preferred to import goods that lied in the value band $ 1 – $ 5 million, there were around 119 importers of Brazil that controlled the import market from India in this price band.


Major Other import ports in Brazil from Philippines -Oct to Dec-2017

Brazil Other importers from Philippines - data sample

Date HS Code Product Description Country of Destination Quantity Unit
01-12-2017 9031901900 Other Brazil 317.1 Gross kg
01-12-2017 3926909904 Other: | Millipore filters Brazil 24.93 Net kg
01-12-2017 3925900000 Other Brazil 1042.41 Net kg
01-12-2017 9001500000 Spectacle lenses of other materials Brazil 226.23 Net kg
01-12-2017 9001500000 Spectacle lenses of other materials Brazil 1076.61 Net kg
01-12-2017 8471609000 Other Brazil 5111 No
01-12-2017 8443902000 Other, for electrically operated machines Brazil 6756.6 Gross kg
01-12-2017 4821109000 Other Brazil 2 Net kg
01-12-2017 8511309001 Other | Ignition coils Brazil 3805 Gross kg
01-12-2017 3923509000 Other Brazil 14152 Net kg
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