Other exporters and suppliers in Brazil exporting to Philippines

How many exporters are available in product category?

Exporters of Brazil’s Export Market have been playing a major role in the Brazil’s export business to Philippines.

In Dec 2017, the total number of exporters from Brazil to Philippines were 266 decrease of 0 percent from 2016 Dec when they were about 266 in number. Total Exports to Philippines were valued at US$ 15.5 Million combined,decrease of -36.925 percent from the previous year.

The maximum number of exporters from Brazil to Philippines preferred to export goods that lied in the value band $ 1 – $ 5 million , there were around 265 exporters that controlled the export market to Philippines in this price band.

Whereas, another 1 preferred to export goods to Philippines amounting to values that lied in the value band $ 5 million - $20 million.

Latest Other export from Brazil to Philippines

Date HS Code Product Description Country of Origin Quantity Unit
01-12-2017 8431499000 Other Brazil 72.61 Gross kg
01-12-2017 9021900001 Other | Orthopedic shoes Brazil 1 No
01-12-2017 3002300009 Vaccines for veterinary medicine | Other Brazil 27.4 Net kg
01-12-2017 8413701000 Single stage, single suction horizontal shaft water pumps suitable for belt drive or direct coupling, other than pumps with shafts common with prime mover Brazil 1 No
01-12-2017 8708299901 Other | A. Airbag assembly Brazil .5 Gross kg
01-12-2017 3822009000 Other Brazil 11 Net kg
01-12-2017 7318299000 Other Brazil 37.58 Net kg
01-12-2017 8537109001 Other | Vehicle body electronic control unit (relay integration) Brazil 52 No
01-12-2017 2008119000 Other Brazil 16180 Net kg
01-12-2017 6405900009 Other | Other Brazil 6996 Pair
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