HS Code Chapter 71: Metal Cladded Pearls & Stones, Jewellary And Coins

India Import Export Overview -Jan to Aug-2018

$748.7 B
71081200-NON-MONETARY OTHER UNWROUGHT FORMS $33.7 B 71081200 71023100-NON-INDUSTRIAL UNWORKED OR SIMPLY SAWN, CLEAVED BRUTED $112.8 M 71023100 71101110-UNWROUGHT OR IN POWDER FORM $67.2 M 71101110 71131940-JEWELLERY OF OTHER PRECIOUS METAL, WHETHER OR NOT PLATED CLAD WITH METAL GOLD, SET AND SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES $60.7 M 71131940 71049010-Description not avaliable $50.4 M 71049010 71171910-OTHERS $105.4 k 71171910 71039940-OTHERS $94.3 k 71039940
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$209.9 B
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